123homefurnishings.com  Everyone has their own idea to design a kitchen. Sometimes, we have to deal with a problem that many of us have forgotten the cruciality of installing windows also observing the distance between windows and the stove. The main purpose is not because kitchen objects such as drawer or tool of cook, but because the stove has crucial safety during cooking. So, we have to consider not only focusing on designing a stylish and beautiful kitchen but also prioritizing safety design.

We have seen a lot in the news when a house caught fire. Many have said because of the short circuit, but the stove also could be a trigger to it. Why is that? The answer is when the stove accidentally leaks, the oxygen will concentrate in a single space of the kitchen. Therefore, the oxygen will easily transform to fire due to massive oxygen in the air. Thus, we have to possess self-awareness when we are about to purchase or design a home. For example like the kitchen in this picture down below!

A window behind the kitchen faucet

A windows near kitchen faucet

In this picture, we can see a window behind the kitchen faucet. It has no problem as long as the stove is not too far from the window. It still can drive oxygen out of the window. If just in case the gas cylinders got a leak, it would be simply out and not concentrated in a single space. And now let’s talk about how the kitchen looks.

First, We cannot see where the stove is. But we still can see a bottom drawer with a few napkins in it. It is a good idea to put in there and set a table lamp next to flower vast. It will make a nice looking when we steeped our foot to the kitchen and it provides good lighting. In addition, we also can straight wash our hands before we cook and see the painting.

The painting that has been stuck on the wall also makes an intriguing look. Because, when we steep our foot to the kitchen, it could be a focal point in this lovely kitchen design. Moreover, the storage cabinet on the left side is also very fit. So, before cooking we can take material preparation before heading to the near stove. And at last, the rug which has been put there as a foothold in the middle between the cooking table and the kitchen table is a perfect balance. It simplifies us to warm our feet before cooking and opening the window.  The windows size in this kitchen is a standard fit. It has a size of less than 120cm. This size is enough to drive out oxygen and the smell of gas. So overall, we are worth designing this kitchen because of maximal safety and comfort.

A modern kitchen with a door in it

A modern kitchen with door in it

Unlike in the first picture, this represents a modern kitchen design with a door in it. This door also can replace windows as a substitute for droving oxygen out. It is because the door has a large opening which makes it impossible for oxygen gathers in a single place. However, for safety, it is best to design it near the stove. The main purpose is to facilitate the door for quickly emit the smell of gas and oxygen out of the door.

Actually, it does not matter even if the door is far away from the stove in the kitchen. We are still safe. As long as it is not placed at the tip of the kitchen in which can make limited space become cramp. If the space for the stove is too narrow and a long distance from the door, we will only minimalize safety. In the picture, the distance between the door and stove can be estimated at only 11 feet, so we can assume it is pretty safe. Furthermore, we can prove it by seeing fruits in the table for preparation. It means the stove is nearest behind table fruits.

A table with fruits on it is a prove of representation of modern kitchen design which is usually has the cooking spot behind it. For Instance, if we have seen live cooking chef shows on the tv nowadays in many countries. We always see participants standing behind the stove and the jury’s table is only six feet from the participants’ stove. Another example, the pendant lamp above the fruits can also represent a modern kitchen. This can be seen, unlike the kitchen in the first picture, the table lamp is put on a table near a faucet that we commonly found in the old-fashioned design. So, after we have seen the picture, overall it has a similarity to the first one. Except for the position of the door, window, and lamp are quite different!

A kitchen design with two windows

a Kitchen with two windows

This kitchen possesses two windows which makes it more comfortable and safe to cook. The stove also has been designed right in the middle of windows. So, this kitchen design is more fitly compared to the other two above. The reason is we can take water while cooking consecutively. For example, if you need to boil eggs quickly, the faucet is already in front of the stove. This kitchen also shows more bottom drawers next to the stove. It will simplify the cook to save ingredients for preparation. So, when cook time comes, the cook does not hassle to take their gradients.

At the outside of the windows, there is the yard. It will increase our mood to cook while enjoying the fresh air and good view. Unlike the previous picture, where we can enjoy the good view outside the door. This way is still the best for being able to watch it closely through the window. Furthermore, while we cooking with an opened-window. It will create double space to send out the oxygen and gas smell.

It can be concluded, this kitchen design is perfect in regarding installing windows. All positions are neatly arranged. So it will trigger a mood booster to cook and provide good ventilation inside.


It’s ok to have an idea or notion for designing a kitchen in a possible manner to make it beautiful. But please take into consideration to place window perfectly fit in order to avoid catching on fire. So your safety while cooking will be more guaranteed. We hope this information is helpful for you all, especially for those who love cooking. So, you will feel more comfortable and safe spending hours cooking in your lovely kitchen!


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