123homefurnishings.com – In the term of home design, we have seen many variants in different places and cities. However, perhaps we have been aware if homes don’t have grass and tree in front or back, Obviously, we would say homes are typically located in the city and if we saw a designed home is covered by grass and tree in the back and front home. We would supposedly say homes are in rural or villages surrounded by ricefield. The plant or the grass we often saw has symbols for its occupants, for example!

The grass rug for a refreshing interior look

example of grass rugs

The grass rug with tables and plants which are put in there has its own purpose. The reason is the occupants there wanted to create a calm atmosphere for work, and meditate. We can see pillows with cats lie down there filled with calmness and enjoyment, though we always see cats lie down everywhere, here cats seem to relax and not wanted to move anywhere. This happens because the grass rug makes the cat comfortables. Therefore, we can symbolize the rug itself as a symbol of calmness to lie down. This is also applied to humans who have occupied there which this bedroom example.

Bedroom with grass outside the window

Bedroom with grass outside the window

As you can see if we look at the window, we can see grass surrounded by trees, of course, the occupied or people there who planned that is no without planning. The main purpose is to make us feel more comfortable and calm at home, this also can be proved when the holiday comes, schools children or worker who searching the place for refreshing, they will choose many outstanding places surrounded by nature. Indonesia for example or many others country which has fresh air and is full of natural resources.

People in the cities mostly do not have this fresh air and trees in their homes. In the yard for instance, when they looked in the windows after awake, what will they see is only street or another home next after. When they come to holiday places which have been covered by nature they will easily see plants, fresh air, grass, scenic view even after they awake. Their hearts will feel something that they could not have while living in the city which is called inner calmness and our brain and thoughts feel like resetting again. This refreshing view also can be seen in the bedroom which has a miniature tree for decoration. Its decoration reminds us of a green space surrounded by nature. The tree itself exists in the front of the window’s home for a specific means.

A tree is seen from the window

A tree is seen from the window

Have you ever seen or came to an Indonesian campus setting that is full of lust trees? If you have, of course, you have seen a lot of trees covers the campus, especially in Indonesia It is not a coincidence or not without objective. The main reason is, the student is often seen lie down while learning using a laptop with an available table under the tree. The home is also similar, it serves as a function for taking fresh air.

We notice the tree serves to produce oxygen, therefore when we close to a tree, we seem to feel our respiration goes smoothly than ever. This has triggered people all over the world to take holidays not only for a refreshing, but also for a chance to do meetings, work, and meditating. When we could breathe smoothly, of course, our blood circulation will flow smoothly to the brain. This will make our brain function work well for the learning process. In addition, it will help us learn to create creative space at home. Moreover, when you feel emotionally stressed with many problems, this can be your chance to reset your brain, to think over and calculate everything to solve it. Thus as an additional suggestion, it is best to design or built a home in the nearest tree!

Spiritually a tall tree in a home’s yard draws your attention

A tall tree


When you have a tall tree in your home’s yard, you clearly feel it’s right to put a sway beneath the tree, so you can play in it. Additionally, when you need a place to be alone, subconsciously you went to the tree. Why is that? did you think that tree is the perfect way to hide from everything that made you mad? the answer to that might lies in the tree itself. This also can be explained from science, a plant or tree is alive. Long, long ago in anywhere sub rural, a lot of people worship a tree, they thought the tree has superstitious power which can give a person who worships it become rich.

Scientifically, this is clearly foolish, and nowadays only very few people believe it. Especially in the country where the majority and metropolitan cities exist. However, besides as a thing for worship, there is also another symbol in the tree. For example, a crowd of trees that we will explain more down below.

A crowd tree means a cover


In the medieval era, there was someone who wrote a novel where a girl went hiding in beneath a tall tree while because scared of her husband. Then as time flies, people who read it as pure fiction began to develop a belief that trees can hide us, protect us, used as a safe place. After many eras and ages passed, people sees it as inspiration and tips to design and built a home near a tree and green grass surrounding it. Moreover, when a wedding ceremony was held we often saw tree decorations in it. The green grass which has been used for a rug, or floor also has meaning too.

A Grass floor means

grass rug and floor


The color of green is always identical to something new and fresh. The green living space also brings a positive vibe to the homeowner!  For example, in the office perhaps we accidentally ever heard someone said you are still green. It symbolizes you are new here and your skill is still got a lot to catch on. However, regarding tips for built home design, this new and fresh refers to beautiful things. For instance, when we steep our foot into the floor, it will become eye refreshing, eye-catching, and not patronize you. We will be also long sitting in the living room even daily for contemplating problems and discussion. Ultimately even if we do it daily and when we come home, our eyes will never be tired of it.


The grass or tree symbolizes a place for replenishing and resetting. The tree also can symbolize the place to take cover. In addition, due to being near the house, it is also fit to be called the silent place to cover while being able to replenish. As for the grass, it’s similar to a tree but has an additional symbol for something new, fresh, or unfaded.


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