123homefurnishings.com – Using a chalkboard as home decor is not a bad choice. The chalkboard is often being used by people in the present time. You may always find it in a restaurant or coffee shop as their decoration. Do you know that you can create it by yourself at home? Yes, the process of making the chalkboard is not difficult. You just have to lay up some easy materials which can be found around you. Let’s see below!

10 Easy Chalkboard DIY Ideas


The first thing you need to know is knowing what the materials are. The materials must be easy to be found by you. If you can find the materials easily, it can be called as DIY then. So, here are the materials that you have to know. There is a wooden cutting board, wooden clips, board marker or chalk, and black color paint. In addition, you can use a wooden frame as its ornaments. As you expect it, the materials are not difficult to find and collect. After collecting the materials, now let’s take a look at these steps below.


The first step is laying up the wooden cutting board which will be used by you. Clean and dry it while you are preparing other materials. You can choose the size of the wooden cutting board as your preference. Do not cut or get rid of the top of the board itself because it will damage its look. Let it be an original shape of the wooden cutting board.

10 Easy Chalkboard DIY Ideas For Home Decor

The second step is preparing the black color paint after drying it. Why it must be black? The usage of the black color paint can produce an aesthetic sense in your house. If you use other colors such as bright color, it will damage the original look of chalkboard. Therefore, we recommend you to find and use black color paint.

10 Easy Chalkboard DIY Ideas For Home Decor 10 Easy Chalkboard DIY Ideas For Home Decor

After painting and drying the board, now you are ready for the third step. In this step, you have to draw or write something on your unfinished chalkboard. You can use a board marker or chalk. The function of chalkboard itself can be used as board planner or quote board. It is according to your desire.

10 Easy Chalkboard DIY Ideas For Home Decor

That’s all 10 easy chalkboard DIY ideas which can help you at home. Now, you do not need to purchase a modern chalkboard. What you have to do just do it by yourself at home by following our steps. Do you want to see another home decor DIY? You can visit here. Happy trying!


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