123homefurnishings.com – To have a perfect home look, you may need other ideas in decorating the house. One of those ideas is hanging up geometric wall shelves which are being popular nowadays. Although it is quite popular among urban people, it does not mean it is hard to create it by yourself. We recommend you to create it one at home by following our steps below. Our smart DIY is creating geometric wall shelves with simple popsicle sticks. Are you ready? Let’s get ready!

DIY Geometric Wall Shelves

Smart DIY Geometric Wall Shelves With Popsicle Sticks


The first thing you have to collect as the main material of this DIY is popsicle sticks. Why must it be popsicle stick? It is because of its material which is not too heavy to be made by yourself. Besides that, you are able to definitely find popsicle sticks around you so it will not complicate you. Nevertheless, you need other materials as supported items such as paint, hot glue gun, and ornaments. That’s all some materials that we can recommend you before starting it. Now, we are going to look at the steps below. Here you go!


The first step is finding out the right plan you want to create with the popsicle sticks. The plan itself can be the most preferred shape you want to have. You can create a stack of hexagonal popsicle sticks or triangle easily. Besides that, you have to count how many sticks you need to use it. By following this way, you will know the thickness of your popsicle sticks needed. You can use more than 20 popsicle sticks or less than that based on your preference. More thicked sticks you make, more perfect the result later.

Smart DIY Geometric Wall Shelves With Popsicle Sticks Smart DIY Geometric Wall Shelves With Popsicle Sticks

The second step is painting the popsicle sticks in order to facilitate you. We suggest you find easy paint material in order not to waste much time in creating this DIY. If you use easy paint material, it can dry the paint faster so you can move on to the other steps. Do not forget to use colorful or bright paint color. You can use as much as you want based on the scheme of your room. After painting it, you can continue to glue each side of the popsicle sticks. Please remember, lay out the sticks firstly before gluing each side. It will produce the best result later.

Smart DIY Geometric Wall Shelves With Popsicle Sticks

The third step is beautifying the shelves by putting some enchanting ornaments. You can put other ornaments such as fake cactus or another fake plant. You will know how stunning your geometric popsicle stick shelves after completing it with the ornaments. Let’s try!

Smart DIY Geometric Wall Shelves With Popsicle Sticks

That’s all smart DIY geometric wall shelves with simple popsicle sticks including easy tips. You have no difficulty anymore in creating a new innovation of home decor. Try this DIY at home and get the perfect result later on. If you want to see another DIY, let’s visit here. Happy trying!




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