Sweet and Simple Twine

Add some pizzazz to your window treatments by pulling them back excitingly. These clever ideas don’t have to cost you a thing, as most of them can be up cycled from household items. A set of sheer white curtains is cinched back with some leftover craft twine in this simple yet elegant look.

Chic and Secure

Our interior design dreams come true with these pale pink drapes. You can replicate this look by making your tiebacks by braiding white rope and attaching a gold snap hook.

Windsor knot Tiebacks

You may already have an old silk necktie in your closet, or you can find them at thrift stores. Use old ties as drapery tiebacks to make a stylish statement.

Grab a Glass Knob

Make your heaviest drapes look stylish with a repurposed glass doorknob tieback. Our favorite use of this approach is in formal spaces, such as dining rooms or home offices.

Try Tassels

No matter your home style, a set of dazzling, DIY tassel tiebacks will always look great. Suppose you prefer a more formal style, substitute metal beads for the wood beads in our step-by-step guides.

Mix Styles

When it comes to custom curtain tiebacks, contrast is the key. In contrast to the vibrant salmon drapes, this subtle and sleek black chain looks effortlessly cool. Colors and textures can be used unexpectedly to achieve the same effect at home.

Braced With Bracelets

Cuffs and bracelets can be used to cinch single-width drapery panels. Tieback drapery panels using bracelets and cuffs, or attach them to the wall with Velcro for a more permanent look.

Cut the Cord

Using a brown leather cord and a removable hook, you can DIY a set of simple-yet-stylish curtain tiebacks in no time. This easy-breezy, bohemian design is perfect for a dorm room or apartment – the neutral leather complements the gauzy, striped curtains.

Belted and Beautiful

An outfit can be made or broken by a belt, and it turns out that a window treatment can be made or broken by a belt as well. Make custom tiebacks for the drapes in your home library or office by repurposing a sleek leather belt.

Natural Texture

Don’t let overthinking get in the way. Using classic jute rope, gather your curtains. Your vacation home on the coast would be perfect with this casual tieback in your kid’s room, kitchen, or throughout the entire house.

Industrial Elegance

For a glam touch, spray-painted gold industrial chains held back airy white curtains. Soft, floating fabrics and a sturdy, gold-plated metal chain are a great way to emulate this look.

Nifty Necklace

You can keep those seldom-worn accessories out of the jewellery box by using necklaces as curtain tiebacks. It is best to choose large and thick necklaces to be seen from different angles within the room to achieve the desired effect. Decorative tiebacks may appear cluttered if thin pieces are used.

Luxe Texture

Add a touch of luxury to your outdoor cabana or lanai with thick, flowing curtain tiebacks. Make your curtains pop with bold, bright marigold, or go monochromatic with all-white textile.


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