You can get carpet burns due to several reasons, such as accidentally placing hot iron or hair straightener, cherry of the cigarette, embers from the barbeque, and more. No matter how big or small the damage – it is annoying and unsightly. Carpet burns are not the end of the carpet, and you do not have to start saving for the new carpet, yet!

With expert carpet burn repair and invisible mending, you can restore them to their original condition. We all know, replacing the entire flooring can be an expensive affair and hiring professional carpet burn repair Brisbane technicians for minor damage may seem like frittering away the money.

With little care and knowledge about carpet repairs and invisible mending, you can fix carpet burns in Brisbane. So, how exactly can you repair the burned carpet?

Learn how to repair burnt carpet in simple steps:

When only the tips of the carpet fibres are damaged, carefully trim the charred strands using a sharp pair of scissors. Clean the burnt spot with mild detergent and rinse with fresh, clean water. The damaged area will not be noticeable after the carpet dries.

If the carpet has a huge burnt mark, you will need to replace the damaged spot with a patch from a remnant carpet.

Now, let us look at the carpet burn repair Brisbane process in detail.

Things You Will Need for Effective Carpet Burn Repair Service 

  • Vacuum
  • Scissors
  • Sharp knife
  • Superglue
  • Carpet adhesive or double-sided seam tape
  • Wide-tooth comb

Fix Small Carpet Burn in Brisbane 

Accidently you dropped a cherry of the cigarette on the flooring, which left an ugly burn mark. Do not panic and immediately hire a professional for carpet repairs and invisible mending. Follow these steps to restore your carpet.

  • Trim the charred carpet fibre using sharp scissors. This technique is only suitable for small burns such as those caused by a cigarette
  • Cut a few undamaged fibres from a hidden or out of sight area, such as under the furniture, sofa, or closet, or along the baseboard.
  • Apply a few drops of superglue over the damaged spot and stick individual carpet fibres.
  • Once the superglue has dried, trim the fibres to blend in with the old carpet.

Fix Large Carpet Burn in Brisbane

Large carpet burn repair can be daunting, but if you follow these steps, you will be able to get results like a professional carpet burn repair service.

  • Cut the large burnt area using a sharp knife. Carefully cut the carpet, as we do not want to damage the underlay. If you accidentally cut the underlay, you need to replace it with a replacement from the spare carpet. Extract the damaged carpet section.
  • Place the cut-out section on top of the remnant carpet. Ensure that the remnant carpet features, and pattern matches perfectly. Also, match the pile direction. Use the burnt section as a template to cut the fresh carpet piece. You can use a sharp knife or a scissor to achieve this.
  • Vacuum the damaged part to remove debris, dust, and fibres. Position the replacement piece into the hole and trim the section to ensure that it fits perfectly. Remove the replacement carpet when the match is achieved.
  • Apply carpet adhesive into the damaged section and place the replacement carpet in place. Press it down firmly. You can even use double-side seam tape instead of using carpet adhesive.
  • Put some weights over the spot and allow it to sit overnight. Remove the loads once the carpet is secured with the carpet glue.
  • Lightly comb the carpet fibres. You can use a wide-tooth comb for this.

Additional Tips and Advice for Carpet Repair and Invisible Mending

  • If you are worried about making the damage severe, you can always get in touch with professional carpet burn repair Brisbane technicians who are proficient in repairing carpets.
  • Avoid using a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide while cleaning, as it could lead to bleaching the carpet.
  • You can use carpet stain remover spray to remove stain from the singed section.
  • For minor scorch marks, use medium-grit sandpaper to remove the discolouration from the fibres.

It is essential to remember that if the carpet is severely damaged, it might not be repaired using these tips.

Nonetheless, try these before hiring a professional carpet burn repair service or investing in a new carpet. Hopefully, your flooring will be comfortable again!


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