Floral wallpapers have always been a great option to revamp a wall at home. However, they have become a trending choice only in recent times. Today almost every homeowner is trying to find the perfect floral wallpaper design to beautify their space. From a plethora of patterns and designs available, one can easily find the best piece to update their home. From animal print wallpaper to Chinese printed wallpaper, you can get a range of wallpapers to suit your requirement. To ease things, given here are the top 11 floral wallpaper designs you can consider in 2021 to revamp your living room.


1. Cherry blossoms wallpaper

The living room at home is the perfect choice to use floral wallpaper. A floral space with a cherry blossom pattern is a perfect fit for 2021. They will give a modern spin which will enhance the overall look. With this fun, bright floral accent wallpaper, you will lighten up without overpowering the space.

2. Animal print wallpaper

The floral wallpapers aren’t restricted to flowers alone. A bright and whimsical animal print wallpaper can help add some fun. To ensure a well-finished look, bright coloured furniture can be incorporated. With such a bold choice wallpaper design, the living room will instantly lighten up.

3. Lively bird and floral wallpaper

To add a feminine touch to the room, wallpaper with birds and floral design will do great. It will make the room cheerful and offer a welcoming effect.

4. Retro flower design wallpaper 

A living area with a retro flower design wallpaper will help get compliments. With big bright blue and red flowers painted on your wall, you will have a beautiful living room that is super attractive. It is currently a trending option, and when used in a retro style, you can spread vibrancy everywhere. The wallpaper will instantly add to the beauty of the room. It will help create a classy vibe which will enhance the space.

5. Chinese sketch wallpaper

A neutral-coloured Chinese wallpaper will help add a classic touch to the room. The wallpapers with birds or trees printed on them are the best fit. The colour that goes well with the design is the shades of light blue and green as they blend perfectly with the neutral colour theme and enhances the overall space.

6. Colourful Floral Wallpaper

Your living room space is like a canvas that can be updated with many great designs and artwork. A floral wallpaperimprinted with various flowers in different shades and hues will fit well in the space. The floral design is so fresh and colourful that it will lift the mood easily. To match the wallpaper, you can put up accessories like paintings. This will create a distraction while easing the overall look.

7. Woven Wallpaper

These wallpapers are made up of linen but not paper. A woven wallpaper with decorated pink flowers and green leaves will offer a unique style and beauty to space. But remember, these wallpapers are hard to maintain. So, consider the maintenance requirement first to make a wise choice.

8. Giant poppy floral wallpaper

With giant floral prints in your living room, you will get a feel of a magnificent garden where poppies are in full bloom with butterflies roaming around them. 3D effect floral design will add to the dimensional look. While the vibrant colours will match well with the décor and couch to uplift the space.

9. White rose wallpaper 

Using a floral wallpaper with white coloured roses will add elegance to the entire space. A wallpaper filled with medium-sized roses and white leaves will look ethereal. Make sure to match your furniture according to the wallpaper to bring out the best.

10. Bright floral wallpaper 

If you want to bring life to your living room, then a bright floral wallpaper design is the best. A wallpaper filled with bright yellow colour flowers on a white base will deliver a sunny feeling which would cheer up and add life to the room.

11. Exotic white and grey floral wallpaper

Using wallpaper with exotic flowers will offer an elegant and attractive look. Wallpaper with gigantic flowers like lilies in white and grey tones will do great. It will help make the wallpaper the centre attraction in the room. Thus, it will ensure to carry away the prying eyes and focus them on beautiful wallpaper.


The floral wallpapers have always been a trending option to uplift the mood and look of a space. Be it animal print wallpapers or floral prints; there are numerous options to fit your requirement. Using the right floral wallpapers, you can create the desired look and feel that depicts your style. Thus, it is essential to research well and then decides about the wallpaper you want in your space.


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