123homefurnishings.com – Almost every people make the living room an important spot in their rooms. And some of them make use of the living room as a family room. It is no problem because at present the land is getting lower. Unfortunately, there are two points that should pay attention to, the look and the comfort of the room.

In making the living room look beautiful and comfortable, it was not perfunctory. There are a few tips you should know. If not, then your living room will look messy and not aesthetic. And here we will give you a few tips for you who want to make your living room look beautiful and cozy. So, let’s check it out!

Combination of Colors

This is the first tip you should know in making your living room look beautiful and cozy. The first step is to decide the base color of the living room. And then to make it look attractive you can combine some colors. You can play this way. The color combination will give the impression of the living room you want.

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To make the living room feel calm, you can combine a few calm colors, such as nude colors with grey or white. For you who interested in the fresh atmosphere, you can combine the neutral colors with bright colors, such as white, beige, and yellow.

Placing The Furniture at The Right Place

Usually, the living room feels boring and uncomfortable because the owner makes a mistake. Placing the furniture in any place only will make the living room look messy. So that you have to know where you should put the items are.

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In the living room, the sofa is the main item. So, this is the first item that you should place. If there is a window in the room, you put it next to the window in order to reduce the entering sunlight through the window. this is usually applied in a medium or large living room.

For those of you who have a small living room, try not to block the slightest light entering the living room. It is intended that the living room does not feel stuffy. Sunlight can make the living room feel comfortable.

Carpet That Serves as A Boundary Area

A spacious room if it empty will make it look stiff and feel boring. Therefore, for you who have a spacious living room, you must emphasize a small area in the living room. You can utilize the rug as a boundary area.

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Put the rug under the sofa is a great idea. In this way, the living room will look more attractive and beautiful. Use the rug with a simple pattern to make it not tacky.

Use Soft Sofa

Some people will spend their leisure time in the living room, so that make the living room as comfortable as possible is a must. If you feel tired you can lay down on the sofa while reading the book or playing the games on a smartphone.

Add Some Plants into The Room

Do you know that the green produced by the plants will make you feel relax when you see it? Not only that, but the plants also will make the air in the living room feel fresh and healthy. So that you will feel comfortable to linger there. And for the look, the plants will make the living room look sweeter and calm.

There are three sizes of plants that you can choose: big, medium, and small. You can choose it as you want. For you who are interested to use the big plant, you can put it in the corner of the room. Make sure you put the big plant in the place exposed to sunlight in order to make the plants do not wilt quickly. For the medium plant, you can place it beside the TV table, door, or sofa. And of the small plant, you can put it on the table.






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