If your living room lacks excitement, then you should consider adding a rug to your room and your problem will be solved. A rug completes a room by binding all the pieces inside your room together visually. A rug has the ability to anchor and define any room, add fervor as well as puts a layer in the room’s decoration. Below are 5 great interior design tips for living room area rugs that will help you to decorate your living room and add the required zeal to your room.

1. Pick the Right Size and Pattern of Your Rug

The first thing you have to consider while buying a rug for your living room is the rug’s size. In case of a living room, it should be longer or at least the same size as your sofa. If you are considering to put a rug under the dining table, then you should keep in mind that there is not only a table but also chairs as well. So, you need to pick a rug with a larger margin to move all those chairs back out of the rug. You also need to consider the pattern of your rug that suits your living room and the furniture in it. Rugs are available in various patterns i.e. rectangular, round, oval, square, etc.

2. Pick the Ideal Material of Your Living Room Rug

You must choose the material of your rug based on the room as well as your finances. For places like entrance, you should look for a bamboo rug, which is easy to sustain and extremely resistant. If you are looking to put a rug in your child’s room, then you should look for materials like acrylic, polyester or polypropylene that are easier to clean due to their synthetic nature. If you want to walk barefooted, look for a furry or long-haired rug to boost the soft feeling on the bottom of your feet.

3. Pick the Perfect Color and Design of Your Rug

Another important criteria for picking a rug for your living room is its design and its color. It
primarily depends upon how you see it. Is it just an element of comfort or a designer item
inside your living room? For the first condition, you can look for something plain in color and less flashy. For the second condition, you can look for some distinct patterns and hues that display your personality.

4. Pick the Ideal Thickness of Your Rug

When you decide to buy a rug for your living room, you have to consider the rug’s pile or its thickness. Low-pile rugs are more suited to high-traffic areas of your room as it can withstand more wear-and-tear and easier to clean. High-pile rugs are best for areas with less foot traffic. You have to decide which kind of rug is best suited for your living room based on the amount of traffic it gets.

5. Pick the Ideal Sheen of Your Rug

Another important criterion for picking a rug for living room that often gets neglected it the sheen of the rug’s fabric. A rug with high sheen fabric will give your room a luxury touch as well as brighten up the room.


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