123homefurnishings.com – In beautifying a house, you probably have to consider the decoration for each part of the house. It is not only about interior or exterior but also the decoration in order to make the house more beautiful. Therefore, we proudly show you 10 creative bathroom wall shelves DIY ideas. Why must it be DIY? This is because the time is not really difficult so it means you are able to make it at home. Does it sound interesting? Let’s find the materials and steps including the ideas below.

Bathroom Wall Shelves DIY

Yes, it is a bathroom. The bathroom is one of the parts of the house which can make your house looks more stunning as well. We would rather decorate the bathroom instead of other parts because there are some bathroom DIY ways. One of those ways is bathroom wall shelves. The bathroom wall shelves are indeed needed in order to make the things in the bathroom keep being neat and clean. You are able to hang the wall above the closet or next to the washing sink. Here are some main materials before you do. There are wooden boards, screws, a brush, a pencil, metal brackets, and varnish.

The step of Making:

The first thing do is finding good wooden board materials. You can find it from the furniture shop or make it yourself at home. Do not forget to measure the length and width of the board correctly. You can use your pencil to make its mark on each corner of the board. Make sure if the sizes are suitable and correct.

After measuring the sizes of the board, the next step is screwing the corner of the board which has been measured before by using screws. After that, your wall shelves are done become a shape of a square. To make it a more stunning and modern look, you can make the board clearly by using varnish. The last step is hanging the shelves on the wall by using metal brackets.

So, making the bathroom wall shelves DIY is not difficult as you have ever thought before, right? You are able to make it at home without purchasing any materials but you can use your own things. If you want to see another DIY, you can visit here. Happy trying!



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